Correct Deadlift Form

Why Is Form Important

Correct deadlift form, form is everything when it comes to lifting. If you do not have the correct form, not only will you not getting anything out the exercise but you will hurt yourself trying. Form and technique has to be perfect in order to achieve the proper lift. Lifting heavy weight is actually very dangerous. There are many injuries every day from people lifting without proper form. Injuries can be as harmless as a small cut or a little bruise but they can also be as serious as death. We are not lifting to hurt our bodies or kill are selves in the process.

Correct Deadlift Form – Risks

We are lifting to improve our bodies and improve the way we look and the way the body functions. Lifting without the correct form can also cause your tendons and muscles to rip, tear and strain. While this sounds like a less serious injury, the symptoms could not appear for years to come. By that time repair is often difficult and could require surgery. However, you can easily reduce your risk by using a protein supplement like tst 1700.

Correct Deadlift Form – Lifting Without The Correct Form

The risk of injury and severity of injury differ from lift to lift. Today I want to talk about the correct deadlift form. Deadlifting the improper way has one of the highest risks for injuries can be anything as simple to lower back injuries. Lower back injuries may sound insignificant but they are responsible for most of the back pain people experience. Herniated disks and compressed disks are a result of dead lifting without the correct form.

To deadlift the correct way, put the desired amount of weight on the bar. Make sure you secure the weight onto the bar. You do not want it falling off mid lift. Next, approach the bar and position yourself with your left foot under the bar. Put your hands on the bar, wherever they feel most comfortable. Bend your knees, you want to lift with your knees not your back. This is how you avoid critical injury. Take a deep breath in and lift with your knees until you are standing straight up. Now hold this position for a few seconds. Breath out as you lower the bar slowly back down until the bar touches the ground.

Now that you have achieved the correct deadlift form. Practice your deadlift until you get it 100% correct. If you are struggling with obtaining the correct form, take all the weight off the bar and lift just the bar. Even though it will be easy, make sure you take the proper time required to develop the form. Slowly add on weight until the lift becomes challenging.

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