CrossFit Games 2017

Crossfit Is The Workout Of The Future

I bet you have heard of CrossFit, one of the latest fitness trends that is taking the world by storm. CrossFit definitely has it haters and gets a lot of criticism. Although, if you haven’t tried it, don’t knock it. It is quite possibly one of the most exhausting activates on the planet. CrossFit is becoming so popular they even have their own awards competition known as the CrossFit Games 2017; it is pretty much their own personal Olympics.

The games are held in Wisconsin every year and contain a number of events over the course of a week.  The events test, strength, stamina, endurance and mental toughness. Many compete but only a few contestants even manage to finish even a few events. You can get a full list of the 2017 events if you click here. Otherwise, read further for a brief overview of the big events.

Competitors compete in all events. Each event is assigned a point value. The person with most points at the end of the week is the victor and is assigned the crown of the CrossFit games 2017.

CrossFit Games Events

Ranch Trail Run

The Ranch Trail run is a 4 mile run, the trail consists of hills, scorching hot sand, and cracked ground. The terrain is unforgiving on the feet and the sun cooks the participants as they run. 4.5 miles would normally be a very reasonable event. However, the Ranch Trail Run is anything but that.

Ocean Swim

250 meter swim from the shore to some buoys. Another 250 back.


The Murph consists of completing a variety of physical tasks while wearing body armor. Two separate one mile runs will be achieved in the event. The total event time is slightly under an hour.

Climbing Snail

While this event may sound funny. It is anything but that. During this event a snail will test endurance through beam runs and rope obstacles across a 500m run. This event is known to cause a multitude of injuries and is considered one of the more dangerous events in the CrossFit games 2017.

The Plow

This event involves a run across a soccer field, easy right? Wrong, I forget to mention that there is plow attached to a rope that each person must drag behind them as they compete.

CrossFit Games 2017 Dates

The CrossFit games take place in Madison Wisconsin. A very cold part of the Midwest, almost as cold as Minnesota. Therefore, the games take place in the month of July. Perhaps the only guaranteed warm month in that part of the country. The venue for the games; Alliant Energy Center Madison Wisconsin.

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