What is Critical Bench Reviews?

Critical Bench reviews is a site dedicated to helping beginners and advanced bodybuilders maximize their workout potential. Critical Bench Reviews promotes healthy living, as well as, positive action in hopes to draw a larger audience into the bodybuilding world.

Cell phones, Video games , and exciting movies; while all are great too many people spend their entire day behind a screen and neglect the exercise their body needs to stay healthy and sculpted. In addition, the diet of today is made up of mainly chicken nuggets and a greasy hoagie sandwich, with diabetes increasing and healthy diets head in the opposite direction, we all need the extra exercise.

Who is Behind Critical Bench Reviews?

Critical Bench reviews is operated by Anthony Rossi, Expert bodybuilder. A combination of personal experience and expert reviews goes into creating the advice given in the articles on Critical Bench reviews. Anthony takes his day to day activities and workouts and puts them in an easy to understand way so a lifter of any level can improve their workout. Also, Anthony eats an all organic diet, and tans naturally (no tanning beds).

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Where Is Critical Bench reviews?

Critical Bench reviews is everywhere! The world can be your gym, at least that is what Critical Bench reviews believes. The only Critical bench Reviews is not located is on the couch! Just get up and workout! It does not matter where. Workout at your local gym, at home, take a run through your town. All you need to do is Get up and get Active.

Why, Critical Bench reviews?

In today’s society, so many people opt out of working out and  are not involved in physical fitness, at all. Critical Bench reviews’ goal is to change that, with obesity rates at an all time high, now is the time to get people active and away off the couch.