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Today, women’s leg workout bodybuilding is just as popular as men’s bodybuilding. In the past, the gym and workout was popular among men but not so popular among women. Now we see just as many women in the gym as men, if not more. However, men are more focused on getting as jacked and shredded as humanly possible but women are not. In the gym, women are concentrated on toning their muscles and being the most fit the can possibly be, without looking like they got their lifting advice from the incredible hulk. To get toned there are three workouts that are my favorite and will help ladies get the results they are looking for.

Barbell Squat:

This is just your basic squat. Get under the bar, rest it on your shoulders and the back of your neck and hold the bar firmly with your hands. Inhale slowly and bring the bar down by bending your knees with your legs shoulder width apart. To get the best results you want to get your knees to a 45 degree angle. Now, slowly push back up until you lock you legs and repeat the process. Like any other workout, start light and put more weight on the bar after you have the proper form and you feel comfortable. If you are new to working out it is best to get a spotter.

silhouette doing squatPistol Squat:

This one you can do anywhere. No weights required. Although this workout is no cake walk and will take time to get the proper form.  watch the video here for more help. To start, squat down and bring you butt close to the ground and to your ankles. From this position, shift your weight onto one leg and slowly kick the other out until it is straight out and hold for 15 seconds. Now bring your leg in and do the opposite leg. Do three sets of ten on each leg. You will not need a spotter with this workout.

Kettlebell Goblet Squat

This is another easy one that is great and can be done anywhere. To do this properly Grip the kettle-bell tightly at chest height. Now, put your elbows by down to your sides. Get a shoulder width stance, just like the Barbell Squat. Slowly, squat down to lower than 45 degrees and slowly push up. Do three sets of twenty.

To further maximize your workout grab a supplement. There are supplements specifically designed for women. Here is one my girlfriend uses.


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